About Us



Well, this page is supposed to be all about who we are but as we aren't that keen on telling everyone our personal stuff and you probably aren't interested anyway there isn't going to be anything very interesting here! I do like to take the odd photo or two though, so here is a picture of Tarn Hows in the Lake District.



Yes indeed, why choose our website to spend some of your valuable life reading? However,  if you have got this far I'm very grateful, but you really do need to consider if you want to spend any more of your time reading my ramblings.  If you do feel that your life would be incomplete without a regular (actually, probably very irregular) dose of Hopbines.then stick with the Blog and Photo Galleries mainly as this is where I propsoe to put most of the new stuff.



Well, on the Greene side of the family we can trace back to the 1700's.  Not so far on the Waters, Arterton or Stone sides though.


Our personal history recollections start in the late 1950s.





  • To live as long as possible
  • To stay healthy
  • To support our family and friends
  • To give something back to society
  • To do something different every day
  • To stifle the yawns caused by the sanctimonious list above



You will by now have realised that the About Us page is a template chosen at random from those offered by this free website builder. Well done One.com, a good job. A spell checker on the page would have been nice though.


It does seem that I will have to pay if I have more than 5 pages but apparently it will make the site faster and I get Back-up and Restore. Wow, what an offer.